Over a century ago, a virtuous scholar and his wife lived in the province of Yunnan in South West China. As the imperial examinations neared, he isolated himself on an island to focus on his studies. Every day, his wife would prepare his meal and make a long journey over a bridge to the island to bring the food to him. Unfortunately, every time she arrived she found that the food she lovingly prepared often turned cold due to the chilly weather.

One day, however, she discovered to her delight that the pot of chicken broth she had prepared remained hot; this was because the pot and layer of oil on top of the broth had kept it warm and delicious! To make the soup nourishing, she added a variety of hearty ingredients including silky smooth vermicelli, vegetables, meat and eggs into the soup right before he consumed it. And so, the Cross Bridge Vermicelli was born and is a popular dish in Yunnan even today.

At Honguo, we continue to serve this much loved delicacy the same way with appetising, high quality ingredients added into a pot of flavorful hot soup. We want to preserve, not only this delicious creation, but also the same warmth and comforting moments that the story brings. So have your fill of food, love and stories at Honguo; we’ve got plenty of these to share!

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How to Eat

The soup arrives still boiling hot
Seafood, meat and quail eggs take more time to cook, so put those in first followed by the vegetables
Finally, with your chopsticks, cross the vermicelli over like a bridge into the soup
Enjoy while it’s hot!

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